I Can't Order from My Connect™, HELP!

Do you have a credit card associated with your account? To be able to order wines from your dispenser you must first set up your Kuvée account, making sure to include payment information and address. You should make sure that your card is still active, not expired or cancelled. Once this is set up you should be able to order from your Connect without any issues.

If you have an active account and still cannot order make sure your dispenser is still connected to wi-fi. If it has been disconnected follow these steps.

If your Connect doesn't respond to any of the steps above, then please email Kuvée support at support@kuvee.com. Please include the following information in your email, so we can speed up the process of helping you out:

  • Let us know that you've already tried the two steps above with no results.
  • Your Kuvée serial number, located on a white sticker on the bottom of your Connect. Please note that the serial number is in fine print. If you can't read it, just send us a picture of the serial number.
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