My FreshPour™ Bottle Won't Fit into My Kuvée Dispenser

If the FreshPour bottle won't click or screw in and appears to not fit, remove the bottle and make sure the screw cap is removed and the foil tab on the neck has been punctured or peeled off.

After you remove the cap, and puncture the seal, place the FreshPour bottle into your Kuvée dispenser.

When your FreshPour bottle connects to your Connect™ two things will happen. You should hear the bottle click into place, so make sure you press up until you hear a click. Then, you will see the label of the wine appear on the touchscreen.

When your FreshPour bottle is securely screwed in to your Key™ there should be no movement. The bottle and Key should be attached as one.

If for some reason the bottle doesn't display on the Connect or won't attach securely to the Key, please email us at so we can get you sorted out.

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