How Do I Purchase More Wine?

As a member of our wine club, you will receive custom wine selections either monthly or every other month. If you feel like you need more wine than you are receiving simply update your subscription preferences here.

You can also order wines directly from your Connect™. Tap the wine icon on the home screen, scroll the the wine you would like to purchase, tap on the label and finally tap order wine at the bottom of screen.

You have two options for purchasing more wine:

  1. Online. Go to and login to your account. Add the wines you are interested to your shopping cart and then checkout.
  2. Directly from your Connect. Tap the wine icon on the home screen. Scroll to which wine you would like to purchase. Tap on the label. Tap order wine at bottom of screen.

Not sure if you have an account? Here's how you create one.


The wine cart on the Connect

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