How Do I Set up My Connect™?

  1. Press down the grey button to turn on your Connect.

                             Turning on Your Dispenser
  2. Once on, the setup screen will appear on the touchscreen. Click Select Network under the Connect to Wi-Fi prompt to get started. Then select your preferred wifi network and enter your password.

                                Connecting to Wi-Fi
  3. If you have not done so already, set up your account on Here, you will register your email address and credit card information, this is necessary for us to send you wines for your subscription or to order wine directly from the Connect.
  4. Once you've setup your account, click Enter Email under the Connect to your Kuvée Account prompt on the setup screen of your Connect. Then enter the same email you used to create an account to register your dispenser.

                              Connecting to Your Account
  5. You will then receive a security pin via email and text message. Enter the pin on the following screen, then click Submit.  

                                      Entering Pin

Your Kuvée Connect is now registered. Time to enjoy your wine!

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